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Meet CCI

Born out of the Grammy-Award winning studios of Clean Cuts in 2010, CCI forged into the world of interactive audio, spearheaded by a group of passionate sound designers who wanted to challenge the boundaries of game audio, without compromising aesthetic and vision. We love what we do. We love blazing new trails.

We live on the bleeding edge of new technology and find innovative solutions for an industry that continues to push the envelope of what is possible. World class sound design, expert implementation and innovative original music all come together to deliver depth and personality to the environment.





Here is the group of amazing talented individuals that come together every day to make beautiful noise.

Tom Dao

Tom Dao
  • Coffee Drinker
  • Dog Owner
  • Flag Football Runner-Up
  • Rare Quarter Collector
  • Sound Guru

Jared Bartlett

Jared Bartlett
  • Old-Fashioned Mixer
  • Chronic Sneezer
  • Nervous Flyer
  • Competitive Eater
  • Sound Wizard

Jonathan Miller

Jonathan Miller
  • Matrix Extra
  • Roller Skater
  • Wants a Dog
  • Mother’s Favorite Son
  • Sound Magician

Reilly Jones

Reilly Jones
  • Canasta Player
  • BBQ Champion
  • Green Tea Drinker
  • Trucker Hat Enthusiast
  • Fixer of All

Cory Foley-Marsello

Cory Foley-Marsello
  • Master Puppeteer
  • Kills All Plants
  • Vending Machines Phobia
  • Saw Lindsay Lohan Once
  • Lyrical Genius

David Vitas

David Vitas
  • Brioche Baker
  • Vitamin Enthusiast
  • Passionate about Ironing
  • Office Chair Racer
  • Music Virtuoso

William Lowe

William Lowe

• Baseball Enthusiast
• Mule Expert
• Tarten Lover
• Amtrak Aficionado
• Sound Hoarder

Mason Fisher

Mason Fisher
  • Actual Jersey Boy
  • Hula Hoops Regularly
  • Amateur Survey Taker
  • Watches All Movie Credits
  • Sound Maestro

Rich Isaac

Rich Isaac
  • Enjoys Paint by Number
  • Wears a Fanny Pack
  • Breakfast Cereal Collector
  • Ride or Die
  • Harmony Expert

Austin Caughlin

Austin Caughlin
  • Fridge Food Stealer
  • Pong Champion Runner Up
  • High Top Wearer
  • Slow Hiker
  • Melody Maker

Chris Kennedy

Chris Kennedy
  • Follows Leash Laws
  • Owns Three Cats
  • Acapella Singer
  • Dislikes La Croix
  • Countermelody Boss

Markus Huber

Markus Huber
  • Rocks a Turtle Neck
  • Mom’s Second Favorite Son
  • Loves Jello
  • Rides a Unicycle
  • Polyrhythm Pro

Scott Ensign

Scott Ensign
  • Juggles Axes
  • First Aid Certified
  • Budding Botanist
  • Level 39 Pokemon Go Trainer
  • Positive Downbeat


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